Are you serious? Is this a real event?

Yup, it sure is. We hope you'll join us, eat some food, and help us raise money for The Children's Hunger Alliance!


Do I have to pay to walk?

We appreciate you purchasing the swag bag and officially registering because the proceeds go toward a great cause, but if you don't purchase it, you are still welcome to walk with us. We appreciate any donations toward Children's Hunger Alliance, no matter how large or small.


What's in the swag bags?

The swag bags will contain a T-shirt from Tonic Studios, your "official" race number, Burrito Bucks to be used any time at Chipotle and more fun freebies.


What's the last day to register if I want a race packet?

Register any time before July 30, and you're good to go.


How did this event come about?

This event started off as a dumb joke and grew into a legitimate charity event. Laura was looking at a Facebook post about the Grandview Chocolate Walk (another great cause!) and Doug asked if it was about the Grandview Chipotle Walk. Laura said that we weren't walking from the Upper Arlington Chipotle to the Grandview Chipotle. Then friends on Twitter asked why not, because that sounded fun! Once more people showed interest, we added a charitable element to raise this from a stupid joke to a good cause. And now there's a website and everything!


How long is this walk?

The distance between the Upper Arlington Chipotle to the Grandview Chipotle is 3.1 miles, the exact distance of a 5K.


Can I run this 5K?

Eh. We'd prefer you didn't. We're going to walk and we hope you'll walk with us, but if you want to run, we suppose it's a free country.


Will the route be clearly marked and closed to traffic?

Nope. We're a little more casual than that. See our Map & Itinerary page for directions or just stay with us and you'll know the route. Or Google it. Please stop at red lights, use crosswalks, etc., as the roads will be open.


Any tips on parking/transportation?

So glad you asked! If you want to drive to the event (and we urge you to take public transportation or Uber/Lyft if you're drinking), there is ample parking at Kingsdale at the Upper Arlington Chipotle. Once you're done with the event, either at the Grandview Chipotle or The Ohio Taproom afterparty, you'll be right off Northwest. The COTA #3 bus runs regularly and goes right to Kingsdale. We recommend this easy, cheap (two bucks a ride), and environmentally-friendly option.


Is this event rain or shine?

It is. Be prepared for the weather, because unless there's a super lightning storm or a tornado, we're walking!


I'm not free that day, or I just don't want to do this. Can I donate anyway?

Sure! You can donate here. Frankly, even if you are coming, you can donate here too. Thank you for your generosity!


Can we hang out?

Thought you'd never ask. After the walk, we'll walk down Northwest a couple blocks to The Ohio Taproom for some beers. We'd love it if you joined us.